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Hands of Mercy Group Home, LLC is not simply a group home for adults. We offer a supportive, loving community for those who find it difficult to achieve inclusion in society due to their intellectual disability. Our approach to care means that our residents are accepted, supported, and valued. We provide our residents with a place to call home.

In our group home, residents live with other adults facing similar intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Autism, and more. Qualified personnel help maintain a safe home environment and provide on-going support personalized to each resident’s preferences and needs.

Our Group Home

In our group home, we help adults with intellectual disabilities live as independently as possible. Staffed with qualified professionals, we offer a range of amenities and services designed to improve each resident’s quality of life.

  • House Front View
  • Front Entrance
  • Upon Entering Front
  • Living room fireplace
  • Living room couches
  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitches
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom
  • Amenities

    We offer a range of state-of-the-art amenities, including:

    • Spacious Rooms
    • Personalized Bedrooms
    • Modern and Accessible Bathrooms
    • Fully-Stocked Kitchens
    • Comfortable Furniture
  • Services

    We provide basic and essential care, ensuring that every resident’s well-being and individual rights are respected. Our services include:

    • Health Care and Advocacy

      While we don’t provide skilled services, we can advocate for your healthcare needs. If needed, we can coordinate with your physician and healthcare team to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care in our home.

    • Monitoring for Success

      All residents are carefully monitored by round-the-clock staff. By carefully monitoring each resident, we ensure the success of our services and programs, and monitor how well our residents are doing under our care.

    • Personalized Service and Support

      We offer personalized services and supports designed to help each resident thrive and feel at home. Our services include providing assistance with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, meal preparation, transportation coordination, social skills development, and accessing community resources.

Why Us?

At Hands of Mercy Group Home, LLC, confidence is built; new skills are learned, and life-long friendships are made by all of our residents. We provide a safe, loving space where all of our residents can learn, work, play, and live meaningful, happy lives.

Here for You

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